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Freedom to Travel

How to get a State Citizen Passport?

State Citizen Passport Information

[The information within the link above is not a c2k report project, but it has been used by a member affiliated with the c2k report successfully. Keep in mind that the U.S. State Department is now telling applicants that it will take twelve weeks to process the passport.]

What is Private Property?

Property- The ownership of a thing is the right of one or more persons to possess and use it to the exclusion of others. Black’s Law Dictionary Online 2nd edition

Notice that the definition of property neither defines or implies who administrates the property? Administration of the property is directly connected to whom the property is registered.

so naturally “private” property would mean…

Private Property- The ownership of a thing self-registered to one or more persons whom hold full paramount title, interest, and use.

Notice my definition of “Private Property” uses the word “Paramount”? What is a Paramount Title?

Paramount Title- In the law of real property, the term “paramount title” properly denotes one which is superior to the title with which it is compared, in the sense that the former Is the source or origin of the latter.

So a “Paramount Title” is superior to all others and is a form of Counter-Deed which destroys the public deed or title. Yes please!

FACT: Learning to Transfer Property to your Embassy comes with learning to Unregistered Property from Babylon.

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