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What does Babylon think about Taxing Religious Freedom?
Texas State Government makes their legal opinion known. [Babylon opinion]
In this opinion Babylon concludes that the “State must have compelling interest” to deny your right
to work without a social security number. Why does this matter?

“INTEREST” is a legal term which amounts to agency. When God calls you to the ministry He
Has “compelling interest” for His Kingdom to benefit with the “first Fruits” that you produce for
His Kingdom.. Can God and State both acquire the “first fruits” or [as Babylon calls it] a tax?
Where then will you give your withholding? God’s storehouse or Babylon’s coffers?
How do we give our first fruits to the storehouse?

A form you never knew existed.
There exists a little used and little known form that can’t be found on any government site which
Babylon has made available for those with “religious objections” to acting as agent for the United
States. How many of you knew that a P-1 form existed? Even Babylon knew you were never mandated
to work as an agent for the U.S. You can chose to give your “first fruits” to the Kingdom of God if you
can learn to use it. Tricky huh?
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